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Leigh Bowery - Fabulious Fashion & Art Podcast  - Podcast

Leigh Bowery - Fabulious Fashion & Art Podcast - Podcast

“Leigh Bowery was a perverse comic-book clown to a post-punk generation careering through the myriad fashion metamorphoses of the 1980s. From the melted wax dripping down his bald pate and the lurex dress stretched tight across his enormous belly, to the teetering platforms”

“I believe that fashion (where all the girls have clear skins, blue eyes, blond blow-waved hair and a size ten figure and where all the men have clear skins, moustaches, short blow-waved hair and masculine physique and appearance) STINKS. I think that firstly individuality is important, and that there should be no main rules for appearance and behaviour. Therefore I want to look as best I can, through my means of individuality and expressiveness.” - Leigh Bowery
The third in our four part GLBTQ artist feature. In memory of those who died due to homophobia in the Orlando shootings, with hope learning about these great artistic minds will help educate and enlighten.
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Jillian Gomez -