how to survive.png

1.      Don't read the Latin (Cabin in the Woods)

2.      (They Live!)

a.       Don't wear mom jeans

b.      Don't follow the girl who clearly doesn't like you.

3.      Always make sure someone knows where you are! (Get Out)

4.      Don't have unprotected sex with a werewolf. Or with anyone. Don't have unprotected sex, you guys. (Ginger Snaps)

5.      (Prometheus)

a.       Do not remove your headgear!

b.      DTtA! Don't trust the android (does not apply to Data)

6.      If it needs to drink my blood to live, let it die! (Little Shop of Horrors)

7.      Don't run towards the guy in the cabin shooting at you! (Evil Dead 2)

8.      Call the police. (Tucker and Dale vs Evil)

9.      Don't say it. Don't write. Don't hear it. (Evil Dead 2013)

10.  Don't go out in the woods barefoot and wearing only your undies. Put on some pants! And Shoes! (Friday the 13th)

11.  Don't sleep with the television on. (Poltergeist 1982)

12.  Don't lie to your wife. Or your husband. Or your spouse in general. Or your significant other. Don't lie, you guys. (The Omen)

13.  XX (2017)

a.       Don't look in the box. (The Box)

b.      The Weekend at Bernies Scheme never works. (The Birthday Party)

c.       Don't trust the gas station attendant when looking for a campsite. (Don't Fall)

d.      If your child is the son of the devil, maybe don't wait until he's 18 to do something about that. (Her Only Living Son (aka What if Charles Grodin's character from Rosemary's Baby had lived))

14.  Stick to the plan! (Dawn of the Dead)

15.  Don't take anything from someone in a place it is physically impossible to get to. (It - 2017)

16.  Be Cooper. If you're gonna be anybody, be Cooper. (Event Horizon)

17. Check your kill! (Halloween)

18. Have a relationship with your in which they'll believe you if you call them up and say something crazy. (Halloween III)

19. Respect the holiday. Obey its rules (Trick 'r Treat)

20. Don't be a dick; aka the Wheaton Rule. (Happy Death Day)

21. Have a safe word. Respect the safe word. (Gerald's Game)

22. All any monster needs is a good hug. (Rob Zombie's Halloween)

23. When being chased by a monster, just rewatch Home Alone (but give yourself more than 20 minutes) (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

24. Just follow the rules. (Gremlins)

25. Make sure people want to be your friend. (Bride of Frankenstein)

26. In a world like The Girl With All the Gifts, there is not a rule will help you. You're on your own.

27. If a dog doesn't like a thing, it is a bad thing, and you should abandon it (the thing, not the dog). (The Conjuring)

28.  Reload the bullet. If you've ever been shot to death and recovered. (Winchester)

29. Don't cheat on your spouse. (Annihilation)