Beyond the Cabin in the Woods latest episode: Halloween III

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Halloween III. Oh, Halloween III. Tom Atkins (Atkins with a T!) and his mustache against the forces of Celtic Evil.

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This movie took Carpenter and Hill back to their original vision of the Halloween movies as an anthology, but by that time, everyone expected Michael Meyers, and the movie didn’t do well due to that lack.

Still, there’s some good stuff in here – the amazing cinematography of the trick-or-treating shots, a couple of nice surprise twists, and some truly gruesome stakes.

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IMDB Synopsis

Directed and written by: Tommy Lee Wallace

Air date: 1982

Quote: I do love a good joke. And this is the best ever. A joke on the children.

Poll: Which mask would you have chosen? Witch, Skull, or Jack-O-Lantern?

Rule: Have a relationship with your ex, where they’ll believe you when you call them up and say something crazy.


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