Beyond the Cabin in the Woods latest episode:  Evil Dead 2

Part of the Cabin and Chainsaws suite

Your polterguides trekked out into the woods and spent the night in a cabin watching scary movies and listening to scary wind noises.

First up, Sam Raimi’s camp classic, Evil Dead 2. This “requel” (Bruce Campbell’s word) to Evil Dead, shows fan favorite Ash Williams battling the forces of evil in a remote cabin. Part campy comedy, part body horror, this film leads into the final movie of this “trilogy,” Army of Darkness.

Name: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
Director: Sam Raimi
Written by: Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel
Year of release: 1987

Quote: We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound “fine?”

Rule: Don’t run towards the guy in the cabin shooting at you.

Poll: Young Bruce or old Bruce?