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For the inaugural episode of Random Podcast Generator, join Jim as he offers up one of his own probably-abandoned projects - the pilot episode of a high-concept combination of podcast and gameshow called Answer or Else.  

The players - friends of the show and regular victims of Jim's whims MIke Dellheim and Russ Hannula - must navigate their way through a maze of questions from Jim's own brain.  Questions that are too hard, too easy, or too stupid to answer without seriously doubting yourself.  But you have to answer... it's in the title.  You have to... well, you know.

If you have an idea for a one-shot podcast, or have recorded such a beast yourself, and would like to sacrifice it to the podcast gods, you can contact us on twitter or drop us an email podcastbad@gmail.com and one of our dedicated curators will see if you've got what it takes.