The "Rundown Til Sundown" is a movie podcast where hosts Jim and Sammy Hanson talk about new movies.

Now, if you're thinking to yourself, "wait a minute, self, Gumbiecat already has a pretty good movie review podcast", you're right... but this isn't about reviews, it's about PREviews.  

As in, movies we're ABOUT to see.

Literally, about to see.  Like, we're at the drive in, waiting for the movies to start, killing time. 

Since both hosts bring their own expertise into this week's movies - Transformers: The Last Night for Jim and Captain Underpants for Sammy - they try to explain (and justify) their respective movie franchises to one another.  And since both of these are adaptations of different source material, talking points include the difference between Adaptation Decay and Adaptation Distillation, and how to get around hypnosis superhero curses.