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The "Rundown Til Sundown" is a prestiege movie podcast where hosts Jim and Sammy Hanson talk about new movies.

Now, if you're thinking to yourself, "wait a minute, self, Gumbiecat already has a pretty good movie review podcast", you're right... but this isn't about reviews, it's about PREviews.  

As in, movies we're ABOUT to see.

Literally, about to see.  Like, we're at the drive in, waiting for the movies to start, killing time. 

It's a special birthday surprise for Sammy, as she and Jim are joined this episode by their cohost from Raising The Next Generation, Jacque (Jim's wife, Sammy's mom) on their way to see The Nut Job 2 and The Emoji Movie.  

Talking points this episode:

  • Why has Jacque seen The Nut Job when neither of the others have
  • Teaching your child about racism via squirrels
  • How much money it takes to sneak into Sir Ian McKellan's bedroom and secretly move everything into the middle of a field without waking him.